About Us



Is an independent locally owned company, established in 1997 in Tripoli The company is managed by a professional and highly experienced team focusing on fulfilling the technical and IT needs of major governmental, industrial and commercial potential of Libya.

Our mission, vision, and goal are entirely dedicated towards a successful long term partnership with customers aiming to be partners in progress.

Our obligation is to provide the Libyan market (Government & Corporate) with state-of-the-art Technologies, Support and Services in the fields of security systems, electronic & electric technology and communication systems.

Whereas Mediterranean is considered to be a service company, East Wave Technical Solutions, an Emirate trading company based in Dubai, has been created as a twin to facilitate and carry out all the necessary procedures abroad for its Libyan sister company.


Our Team

Our Engineering team consists of fully qualified personnel with extensive practical experience and resources, many of them come from the solution industry.

Engineering skills are constantly updated to meet the changing needs of customers and to make the most effective use of new technological advancements. This includes periodical staff training and programs for up to date, continuous professional development.